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Now available in the Hoodland Sandy area is local insert cable TV advertising! Have your business showcased on major cable networks like History, Discovery, ESPN, Spike, MTV and others for way less money than you might expect. Give your business the reputation it deserves with your own commercial. Here is an example of an ad that ran for Alpine Tax Solutions.

Alpine Tax TV Spot


Demo Reel

This is the intro piece to our Demo Reel. It was produced entirely in house with a variety of software including Speed Razor, Aura and Lightwave. All video was shot by Pat McAbery, SSS owner.

Client: Hoodland Fire District, Welches, Oregon

Sight & Sound Services was tasked by our local Fire District, Hoodland Fire District #74 with producing a variety of public education material. These productions will be used in a kiosk that can be moved from place to place and also for public meetings, educational events or whatever need exists.

The first piece is an introduction to the fire district, where it is, how it operates and the services that it provides.

Who We Are, Welcome to the Hoodland Fire District

Recruitment is often a challenge for Volunteer Fire Departments, this video was designed to answer questions about how to join the Hoodland Fire Volunteers and to give a hint of the training and excitement of firefighting.

Ready to Make a Difference? Volunteering at Hoodland Fire

The third piece encourages and educates residents on how to make their homes wildland fire safe.

Make Your Home WIldland Fire Safe

All phases of these productions were completed in house by Sight and Sound Services. Boyd Anderson of Zebra Media handled the pole cam shots. Scripts were written by Paul Keller, directed and editing by Pat McAbery with production assistance from Chris Harmon.


Client: Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal

When the Office of Oregon State Fire Marshal started developing a curriculum for fire awareness for middle school students they came back to Sight & Sound Services. This video is one of the keystones of the project. By using animation and real world examples the concept of how fire actually works was made simple without being condescending.

All animations were done in house in Lightwave and Mirage.

How Fire Works


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